Real Estate Transactions

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Our firm provides a broad range of legal services to buyers, sellers, builders, lenders, landlords, tenants and others for commercial and residential real estate matters. Our services include tax planning, due diligence, title review, leasing and financing.


Drafting the necessary agreements is frequently the most important part of the legal services provided in any transaction. The agreements set forth not only the terms the parties have expressly agreed upon (price, payment terms, property description, etc.), but also determine a wide range of issues often not considered until long after the deal has closed. A well-drafted contract can prevent a multitude of post-closing disputes (e.g., inclusion/exclusion of subsurface rights, title standards and insurance; inclusion of additional collateral such as personal property; partial releases of subdivided property, personal guarantees, etc.). Our attorneys have the skills necessary to provide clients with the best answers for their particular situations from among a host of alternatives.

Closing Services

After signing the initial contracts for purchase or lease and completion of the necessary inspections, a number of issues must be resolved in order to move a transaction swiftly and effectively to closing. Promissory Notes, Deeds of Trust, Security Agreements, Financing Statements, Leases of real, and sometimes personal, property, Management Agreements, Construction Agreements, Leaseback Agreements and other contracts will generally require negotiation and drafting prior to closing. In addition, title must be cleared, the actual status and availability of the property verified, insurance obtained, debts paid, environmental issues resolved, final inspections performed, funds transferred, and documents recorded. We facilitate this process by providing our clients with the facilities, contacts and advice necessary to complete the transaction without surprise or unnecessary delay.

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