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As a former general counsel and president of a broker-dealer and a current counsel to other broker-dealers, Mr. Bean has spent much of his career representing broker-dealers in arbitration, and he is well versed in the rules and regulations under which broker-dealers operate.  This experience makes Mr. Bean uniquely qualified to represent investors when they have claims against their broker-dealer or investment adviser.  Mr. Bean has represented investors in actions against their brokers as well as the issuers—in court as well as in arbitration.  His experience includes claims for unsuitability, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, churning, and violations of the state and federal securities laws.  Mr. Bean has also litigated commercial fraud outside of the investment area.  Since Mr. Bean was initially trained as an accountant, he also has a unique ability to assess and present damages in your claim.            

Often this type of representation is conducted under a contingent fee agreement, such that our compensation depends on the success of the claim, although the client is responsible for out-of pocket expenses of the litigation.

If you feel that you may have claims against your broker, investment adviser, or others, please contact Mr. Bean to set up an appointment.

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